Sustainable Nutrition


When it comes to your snack life, it’s serious business.

Over-processed grains, GMOs, artificial flavors, and added flavors? YUCK. No, gracias. Instead, we say, “pass the plant-based goodness!”

We bring the low-calorie vegan snacks you crave, packed with protein and fiber. Dairy and gluten? No way, José.

This is how we roll. Natural snackin’ from real ingredients.
We’re Mother Lovers
Where would we be without Mother Earth? (Lost without our plant-based snacks, that’s where!)

When we ponder the virtues of healthy snacks, we don’t just think about what’s good for us earthlings. We ask, “what’s best for the plant?”

It’s the real secret to Kibo’s snack magic…

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Call us nature nerds, but we get fired up about the power of plants.

Our plant-based ingredients are so much kinder to the earth than animal products. Legumes, seeds, greens and spices don’t require the crazy amount of water that raising cattle does.

When we swap beef for beans, we cut greenhouse gas emissions, free up cropland, and protect our natural resources.

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We keep our finger on the pulse.

We keep our finger on the pulse.

We have to spill the beans. We’re crazy about pulses!

Pulses are the edible superfood seeds from the legume family. Think protein-rich beans, dry peas, chickpeas, and lentils. Basically pulses are the good stuff that make Kibo snacks so nutritious and delish!

They’ve been part of the human diet for centuries, and are especially fabulous in these modern times because they help fight climate change. Pulses have a small carbon footprint, they’re super water efficient, and their nitrogen-fixing properties help optimize soil.

These tiny friends are our snacking superheroes! People Power
We’re here to help make life more sustainable for everyone.

That’s why Kibo partners with Germinar, a program in Colombia creating opportunities for nourishment, self-sufficiency and sustainable practices in food-insecure communities.

Through the power of plants and education, we’re proud to support this work that allows more people access to better nutrition.