Kibo’s Sustainability Program: Sowing Good Habits with Kibo

Kibo’s Sustainability Program: Sowing Good Habits with Kibo

At Kibo, we believe a holistic approach is required when it comes to social and environmental issues. We don’t just want to see a world where people are fed and the planet is protected, we want to see a world where people are empowered to feed themselves and their families fresh, nutritious food that they’ve grown using sustainable, regenerative practices. 

Our mission goes so much deeper than just providing healthier plant-based snacks. Kibo’s main purpose is for the world to enjoy better nutrition and help relieve growing food scarcity caused by overpopulation. From our ingredients to our supply chain to the communities we serve, our team is intentional about every decision we make, so you can feel that same sense of pride and connection when you eat our snacks. 

In honor of Earth Month, we’re excited to share with you a special program we’ve been building that’s close to our hearts. 

Kibo’s latest sustainable initiative 

In 2022 we launched "Sowing Good Habits with Kibo" in Colombia and Costa Rica, seeking to implement sustainable food systems with agroecological practices to reduce food insecurity in children, adolescents and families that are part of the program. 

This project allows people who are food-insecure access to better nutrition through the power of plants and education about nutrition and dietary habits, composting, seeds, soil health, crop cultivation, and vermiculture. ⁠They’re able to grow their own foods in orchards and yards using sustainable methods for nutrient integrity and harmony with the environment. 

Our strategic partners are Germinar in Colombia and Parque La Libertad in Costa Rica. Since Kibo originally has roots in Colombia, this is an initiative we feel very connected to. It’s incredibly gratifying to see changes being made in those communities as the result of our company growing here in the States.

Voices from the program

One of the people we’ve worked with is named Rebeca Román.

“It’s wonderful working the soil with your own hands, grabbing your own seeds and sowing them, seeing the plants’ growth from their first leaves, plus knowing that I am going to obtain healthy food for me and my family.” 

Ana Yancy Brenes is another one of the participants learning regenerative practices to grow nutrient-rich food. “I am extremely grateful with our teachers, especially with Sergio, because he has put in all this work for us, and he has done his best for us to have a quality lifestyle by teaching us all this [...] They have also provided us with seedlings for us to put into practice at home everything we have learned.” 

Ana also said, “I am going to have healthy food and I will be more creative with my meals, because even that I have learned.”

Part of Kibo’s 360 degree sustainability plan 

It’s thanks to our customers that we’re able to give back to causes like this in our mission to help both communities and the environment flourish. And “Sowing Good Habits with Kibo” is only one part of our plan. 

Here's our 360 degree sustainability plan to support healthy people and a healthy planet: 

  • Through our initiatives, we partner with rural communities to make their own food and strengthen sustainable practices and nutritional habits. ⁠
  • We use plant-based ingredients that have less environmental impact and help in mitigating the SDG 2 (for zero hunger). 
  • We support small local producers of sacha inchi, white beans, oatmeal, and rice. ⁠
  • We strengthen supply chains that encourage agricultural frontiers (like illicit crops substitution). ⁠
  • We favor local catering in the different geographies where we're present. ⁠
  • We work to segment our portfolio to trigger access to better nutrition. ⁠
  • All of our packaging is made of recyclable, flexible N5 and cardboard. ⁠

At Kibo, we believe that a better world is possible, one where we all have something to contribute. With our plant-powered snacks, we take advantage of the goodness that nature constantly provides to us, and we thank it with the environmental stewardship it deserves.

Want to support our mission? You can help us make a difference when you stock up on plant-based protein chips with a purpose!