Take Advantage of Summer Ingredients With These Farmers Market Finds

Take Advantage of Summer Ingredients With These Farmers Market Finds-Kibo Foods

Summer is like an explosion of flavor at the farmer’s market. There’s nothing better than strolling through the stalls with an iced coffee on a weekend morning, exploring the fresh seasonal produce and getting ideas for what to make with your finds. Eating what’s in season and local not only tastes delicious, but it also supports the local economy and is better for the environment!

We’ve put together some fun ideas to spark your creativity in the kitchen based on what’s in season now. So whether you’re packing up for a picnic on the beach or hosting a backyard cookout, here are some ripe summer ingredients you don’t want to miss! 


In our home state of Texas, avocado trees are full of fruit during July. It goes without saying that this is a great time to make your favorite guacamole or loaded nachos to go with our Pico de Gallo chips as a poolside snack, heavy on the lime. But guacamole isn’t the only avocado dip out there! Try blending your avos with your yogurt of choice, some dijon, fresh garden herbs and lemon juice for a silken twist on the classic, eaten with our Sea Salt Lentil Chips and cut veggies like summer carrots. 

Sweet Corn

Is there any ingredient more quintessentially American than corn? Skip the frozen and canned and buy it straight from your local farmers to shuck on your porch. Put it on the grill for a BBQ side dish all its own with cilantro, butter, and salt, or cut it off the cob for a variety of dips. We like a grilled corn jalapeno salsa like this one, a “cheesy” melted corn dip, or a black bean tomato corn salsa for some extra protein with our Pico de Gallo Chickpea Chips


Pepper season is in full swing, and while grilled peppers are a great addition to kabobs, pasta salads, and dips of all kinds, let’s not forget that they can also be the star of the show. Try stuffed bell peppers with a flavorful rice and bean or quinoa filling and crushed Pico de Gallo Chickpea Chips on top for a gluten-free protein bread crumb. Stuffed peppers also freeze well, so before cooking them, freeze a few for a taste of summer later. And let’s not forget spicy peppers for homemade hot sauce all year long! 


Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without the juicy red tomato. Our tomatoes are going straight into the blender for fresh summer salsa scooped up with our Pico de Gallo chips or chilled gazpacho as a refreshing starter to lunch or dinner. 

If you can resist eating your cherry tomatoes right off the vine, they’re always perfect with fresh basil in an easy, caprese-style  pasta. Hosting a summer brunch? Don’t forget you can use your tomatos in everything from shakshuka to tomato cobbler. 


One of the best things about cucumbers is that they don’t require any cooking—no hot oven needed! Aside from pickling them, if you have a bounty of cucumbers in your CSA box or garden harvest this month, try a chilled cucumber and white bean salad with a vinaigrette and some herbs or chili oil for a protein-rich snack, or a refreshing summer salad with our Chickpea Chips. 


We think eggplants are a highly versatile veggie that doesn’t get enough attention in American cuisine. Grilled or roasted until tender, they can be mashed for a melty baba ganoush or chopped with other veggies for a hearty caponata. 

Since these dips are usually chilled and then served at room temperature, either one is perfect for packing to go to the beach or a picnic. Try them with our Mediterranean Herb Chickpea Chips for a crunchy taste of the Med this summer. Crushed up, our chips also make a great bread-crumb like protein topping for moussaka or eggplant parmesan. 


Summer squash like zucchinis can go in anything from tacos to ratatouille. Sautee them until they’re jammy for an easy pasta sauce, or grill them with bell peppers and other summer veggies for a colorful pasta salad to bring to the pool. Zucchinis go great topped on a flatbread with leeks (another summer ingredient!) to take outside for a picnic or backyard movie night.

For a fun summer appetizer, try these zucchini fries with our crushed Spicy Ranch Lentil Chips


There’s nothing better than a succulent peach eaten on its own, but if you have a bushel of peaches to work through, why not chop a few up for a juicy peach salsa paired with our Himalayan Salt Chickpea Chips? Pick some summer spearmint and blend with some yogurt for a flavorful smoothie to refresh you post-workout. 


Summer melons are another fruit that’s just right on its own, but if you’re looking to get creative with your melon haul, a melon salad is always an approachable way to dress things up a bit. Try a watermelon mint salad with feta or a cantaloupe salad with olive oil, sea salt, and basil for a taste of summer. Frozen and blended like a shaved ice, melon granita is a one-ingredient slushy summer dessert that feels a little fancy. Want something more adventurous? Try a melon gazpacho as a chilled side dish in jars to go and look to our Maui Onion Lentil Chips for picnic protein on the side. 


If you’ve gone blackberry picking and have more than you can use, maybe you’ve exhausted the blackberry cobblers and galettes. Try a blackberry basil mocktail to bring to the beach, a blackberry glaze for hasselback tofu, or a blackberry curd or jam to make as gifts. Our Chickpea Chips also make a great protein “crouton” for all your summer berry salads! 


We hope these ideas help you take advantage of all the flavor summer has to offer! To stay up to date on what’s in season, follow us on Instagram, and head to our blog for tons of classic recipes to get you started with your farmers market finds!